• Burmese Tapestry Woven Skirt
  • B140 full-Burmese acheik silk weaving

Burmese Tapestry Woven Skirt


This richly colored htamein is in the transitional style and woven using an interlocking tapestry weave technique. The weaver controls over 200 different shuttles all while working from the reverse side. It said a full skirt like this one can take over 2 years to complete with the weaver only finishing about 10 centimeters a day. The style suggests its from 1900-1920’s.

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Bamar / Burmese
Mandalay / Amarapura area, Upper Burma
Woman’s lower body wrapper, lun-taya kyoe-gyi-geik htamein
Silk with velvet waistband.
44.75 in. long X 60 in. wide (sewn into tubular form)
Very good, small tear at bottom edge
This richly colored htamein is in the transitional style believed to have developed around 1900-15, where the train has been replaced by an additional panel of tapestry weaving and sewn into a tubular style. The wide purple velvet waistband could have been worn as a breast cloth. The royal palette of red and green is accented with magenta, off-white and apricot. The repeating motif is a variant of naya-pan-ngwe-kyo or dragon flower creeper. This is a sumptuous piece, as twice as much of the costly luntaya kyoe gyi geik is used.
Exhibited, “Lun taya Cloth of Many Shuttles, Tapestry Woven Court Silks of Burma”, Textile Society of America Symposium, Smith College, Northampton, MA. September 26th – 28th, 2002