Tribal Spirit offers a curated collection of antique Asian items including objects, textiles, and jewelry/adornments from countries throughout the region. We specialize in museum quality hand-woven ethnographic textiles, with a strong emphasis on the work of various ethnic groups. Our customers include art museums, ethnographic museums, private galleries as well as individual collectors.

From the icy Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the lush green islands of Indonesia, Tribal Spirit has been collecting textiles and objects that tell a culture’s story. Much of our textile collection has been exhibited in museums abroad as well as here in the States. Fine Court silk weaving from Burmese looms and rare 18th century tunics worn in the last Shangri-La, the Kingdom of Bhutan, are all a part of this unique collection.

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Antique Laotian Silk Scarf Used in Ritual Ceremonies, Laos

Cloths such as this one are called daeng pha biang and are worn as a shoulder cloth during important Laotian ceremonies. They are also used by shamans during healing ceremonies. The central diamond motif called duang tda is supposed to represent the eye of God and help to focus the shaman and direct energy.
A beautifully woven textile.

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