Listed below are a list of exhibitions, talks and shows that focuses in on Tribal Spirit’s collection of antique textiles. The collection’s strength is in Bhutanese costume, royal silks weavings from Burma and talismanic cloth from SE Asia. Over the years we have shared our collections and field research with interested parties through events and writings shown.

Textile Exhibitions

flower dancer

Photo by Torie Olson

Lun taya: Cloth of Many Shuttles, Tapestry Woven Court Silks of Burma“, Textile Society of America Symposium, Smith College, Northampton, MA. September 26th – 28th, 2002

Tribal Traditions, The Costumes and Culture of the Chin” Fiber Arts Center, Amherst, MA. August 1st – September 30th, 2002

Bhutanese Textiles; Weaving from the Heart“, Asian Cultural Center of VT, West Brattleboro, VT. July 15th – Aug 12th, 2007

Bhutanese Textiles; Weaving from the Heart“, Bank of Thailand Museum and Asian Cultural Center of VT, Chiang Mai Thailand. November 10th, 2008 – February 9th, 2009


Notes from the Field: On the Trail of Khumi, Khami, and Mro Textiles” by Jay Bommer and Deborah Garner, The Textile Museum Journal 1999/2000. The seminal research of traditional textiles from the Mro, Khumi, and Khami peoples, Southern Chin groups in western Burma.


In Search of Authentic Artifacts” Jacksonville Times-Union, Jacksonville FL March 8th 1997

Editorial” by Tuyet Nguyet, Arts of Asia, Hong Kong, China. November-December issue,vol. 38 no.36, 2008

United States & Thailand Celebrate Bhutanese Textiles” by Susan Taber Avila, Fiberarts Magazine, January/February 2009

Textile Art and Photographs of Bhutan leave Brattleboro for Exhibit in Thailand” by Adam Silver, Gallery Walk, Brattleboro VT, November 7th 2008


Tribal Elegance: The Culture & Cermonial Costumes of the Chin” Fiber Arts Center, Amherst, MA. Lecture: August 1st 2002

Burma and Beyond“, Lecture for Radeke Society at Rhode Island School of Design Art Museum, July 13th, 2004