• Burmese lacquered bowl
  • Burmese lacquered bowl
  • Burmese lacquered bowl
  • Burmese lacquered bowl
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Very Simple and Elegant Lacquered Bowl, Thailand or Burma. Early 20th century.

Burnt orange bamboo and lacquered bowl from Burma or Thailand. Simple bowls like these could have been used around the home or for going to temples. Very light weight and elegant.

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Bamar/Lanna peoples
Burma/Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bowl, khwet (Burmese), cham (Thai)
Bamboo and lacquer.
12.25 in. across X 6.5 in. high. X 1.13 lb.
31.8 across cm x 17.2 cm high. 510gm
Very good condition. Some of the lacquer has hairline surface cracks due to age. 1 small chip in the bottom.

This piece was purchased by an oil executive in Bangkok in mid-1960’s. It was purchased in an antique shop and the owner said it was Burmese. In northern Thailand the Lanna people made similar bowls and the city of Chiang Mai was famous center for Thai crafts. This could easily be from northern Thailand as well Burma.
Even though it is an old bowl it shows very little ware from use. It could have been made for offering but also utilitarian use as well. Made of a very fine coiled basket core that is then have layers of natural lacquer applied to build up the walls. The 1st few layers are the natural black lacquer, thit si, (Burmese) then finished with the burnt orange lacquer, hinthabada (Burmese) which is the natural black lacquer mixed with cinnabar. The walls are very thin so it has it some flexibility which you don’t often see in Burmese lacquerware. It also has a slight lip to it, again not common in other vessels.

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Weight .510 kg
Dimensions 31.8 × 17.2 cm