• Antique Timor Coin Silver Cuff
  • Antique Timor Coin Silver Cuff
  • Antique Timor Coin Silver Cuff

Antique Timor Coin Silver Cuff Bracelet

Bracelets like this are worn during the adat ceremonies and are worn by men as well as women. Often very large and heavy so they can easily be seen. Made of cast coin silver, it stands very high off of the wrist making very noticeable to the admiring public.

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Tetum or Belu
East Timor
Man’s Ceremonial Bracelet, buti-liman or riti
Coin silver
3.125 inches by 2.75 inches and .375 inches at opening. 55 grams.
Very good
Jewelry is more to the people of Timor then just adornment. Aside from beautifying the wearer it also represents many things to the Timorese people such as social rank, marriage alliance, political markers, family heirlooms and ritual objects for dance. It is believed that bracelets such as this one actually acquires supernatural powers when used in dance ceremonies called adat. Silver itself is not found in Timor so their main source of silver was Dutch and Portuguese coins that would be melted down and made into jewelry. Silver is the most popular choice of metal for Belu people. The bracelets worn during the adat ceremonies that are worn by men and women are often large, heavy and can easily be seen by the viewer.